Negotiation Tactic for Pay Raise

Okay, so you have an interview tomorrow. Do you know what you’re going to wear? How does your resume look? What do you know about the company? Chances are, you have addressed and answered all of these questions, but have you given thought to your salary? Have you thought about how much money you need to make, and do you know how to negotiate pay?

You should never fail to prepare for salary negotiation. The more money you make, the better life you can afford. Not only will a tidy salary help you live well today, it will provide for your future as well.

Approach the Subject Gracefully

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when talking about money and benefits. Keep in mind, though, that your employer expects you to discuss these matters during the interview. But there is a right and wrong way to broach the subject. This is why you should know how to negotiate pay before you attend the interview.

When you are hired, a company pays you money so that they can use your time, skills and resources. Before you can know what type of salary to ask for, you should know what your skills are worth. Take some time to research what the typical pay for your position is. If a company tries to offer you a substandard salary, stay calm. Politely explain why you are worth the salary you are asking for.

Never ask for a salary that you desire without knowing what the job typically pays. Use facts and tell the employer why you should make a certain amount of money. Include the exact amount that you want to earn in your request.

If an employer is reluctant to give you what you’re asking for, point out your skills and how you performed in previous positions. If you can show an employer why you are worth the money, they will be more likely to grant your salary request. Never take a denial personally. Instead, use facts and research to drive your negotiation home.

Now that you know how to negotiate pay, it is time to move onto other concerns. Ask about the benefits and compensation packages that come along with your position. Be friendly and personable. You need to sell yourself. Never resort to nasty or threatening tactics to get your way. You will not get a job if you have a poor attitude.

Lifestyle: How To Get Girls Fast

I’ve spent many nights learning the best ways to pick up the hottest strippers. I even wrote a book that contains dozens of cool techniques for connecting with “exotic dancers” in the gentlemans club and building real connections with them, instead of them viewing you as a customer.

Most importantly, you’ve got to know how to frame yourself as a valuable PRIZE so that she wants to give you her phone number, and see you outside of the club.

Let me share a tip with you that works with all women. (Lately, I’ve been perfecting my “strip club game,” so I’ve used it with several hot dancers.) Let’s say you get her phone number, and a day or two later, you call her (when she’s not working) to take her out somewhere.

Here’s a principle you need to remember. When you’re trying to score with a woman, you’ve got to eliminate her feelings of UNCERTAINTY.

Women have all kinds of reasons to NOT talk to us, to NOT go out on a date with us, and especially to NOT sleep with us. Hot strippers are no different.

They won’t tell us these reasons… but believe me, women have them. This stuff happens because the girl doesn’t feel secure with you yet.

So here’s a real fast tip if you want to take a stripper on a date and get RESULTS the same night…

Don’t offer to pick her up. This might set off “red flags” in her mind. If she barely knows you, she might not want you to know where she lives.

This is understandable. A lot of chumps (not like you) have stalker-ish tendencies,

and maybe she’s been through this with a guy before. Or maybe she knows a girl who has. (Strippers, as you can imagine, deal with a lot of customers who get obsessed with them.)

So if you got her phone number, and this is the first time you’ll be meeting her one-one-one, don’t suggest picking her up.

Rather than doing it that way, and failing, use a smart technique. Tell her to meet you out in front of YOUR place. Tell her your address and ask her to meet you out front at a certain time, so that the two of you can “roll together” to the date location.

(The bar, coffee shop, restaurant, party, etc — wherever you plan on taking her tonight.)

She’ll go for this suggestion because of two reasons:

A) It eliminates her fear that she’s going to have to try to find the date location, and she might get lost. You’re making it easy on her by suggesting that the two of you go there together.

B) Naturally, she’s going to be curious to see where you live. You didn’t tell her that she’d be coming INSIDE your place. You simply asked her to meet you outside. But still, she’ll be curious to see the exterior of your pad.

So now, here’s what you do. When she pulls up outside your place, you go outside with a smile on your face, as if you’re all ready to go on the date—and then say to her “Oh my God, I forgot I need to make an important phone call (or send an email) before we go. It will just take a minute. C’mon inside.”

So, you bring her into your place, and you let her hang out in the living room for a few minutes while you go into the other room and pretend to be taking are of some business.

And then, a few minutes later, you rejoin her in the living room and go with her on the date.

What was the purpose of this exercise? What just happened is actually SUPER important. You showed her the inside of your home and you let her get familiar with it.

It is no longer a strange environment to her.

There is no longer a “fear of the unknown.”

At the end of the date, when you use your techniques invite her back to your place, this doesn’t feel scary to her because she has already been inside your home, and knows that it’s comfortable and inviting.

(Note: it is critically important that your home is clean, and that your bathroom is spotless. 90% of the time, she’ll ask to use it. Have some scented candles and plush bath towels in there, to score extra points.)

This sounds like a simple Tactic, but it really works. I ALWAYS show a woman the inside of my home, just for a few minutes, before I take her out on a date. It has a subtle but very important psychological effect, which lays the groundwork for later in the evening.

Before I started using this Tactic, when I would invite a stripper back to my place at the end of the date, I’d be successful around 50% of the time.

When I DO use this Tactic, the stripper will come home with me around 90% of the time. (And when they come home with me, I know how to close the deal — it’s all in the Mack Tactics book.)

It all comes down to knowing how to eliminate a woman’s “fear of the unknown,” and ease her feelings of uncertainty.

These emotions are constantly running through a woman’s mind when she is with a guy she doesn’t feel she “knows” yet. Guys, of course, are totally different—as long as the girl is hot, we’d drive through the worst ghetto at four in the morning, in a rainstorm, just to nail her!

But if you invite a woman back to YOUR place…and she has never seen it before…she might worry that it’s filthy, or that you have a weird roommate, or that it’s too far away,

or whatever…there all kinds of little “red flags” popping off in her mind about why maybe going to your place is NOT a good idea.

And that’s when she’ll say, “Umm, thanks, but not tonight, I need to be up early tomorrow…”

Well, you can sidestep all of this, and set her mind at ease, when you “preface” the date by inviting her inside for a few minutes.

Then, at the end of the night, when it’s time to invite her home… it feels to her like a MUCH safer and more comfortable scenario, because she’s already been inside.

That’s the exact technique I used last night, and I’m telling ya, it worked like a charm ;)

Check out this program and learn how to dominate the gentlemans club. Why be just another chump customer, playing THEIR game and spending your hard-earned money on nothing… when these sexy women can really be yours?

Your Wingman,

Email Marketing Strategy That Works

Email Marketing Tip #1: Collect targeted audiences’ email addresses by SPAM free opt-in subscription manager or trial download options.Sending emails to millions may not work; sending mails to target tons will work for you. So, avoid buying bulk email list from third parties. Always use your opt-in list for your bulk email marketing. Collect email IDs from your website blogs, forums, and trial downloads, registrations.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Group your email list based on product/subject categories to avoid sending non-interest emails.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Must send newsletter from your company email account. Avoid sending emails from free mails like Yahoo or Gmail.

Email Marketing Tip #4: You must always have an unsubscription link in your email.If the user unsubscribes from your list, you must stop sending emails to that email address.

Email Marketing Tip #5: Avoid sending same message multiple times to same email ID. Your Email Marketing Software should have reliable tracking to control redundant emails.

Email Marketing Tip #6: Many email clients will not allow attachments while receiving and may mark such email as SPAM or move to JUNK folders. You need to avoid attachments to reach your subscribers’ inbox. In case if you want to show some attachments to your subscribers’, upload on your website and send an URL to download the file.

Email Marketing Tip #7: Try to reduce the email content in order to deliver fast and also to improve readers count. Make simple and clear text message with link to your site regarding the announcement. Email Marketing best practices is to avoid SPAM and reaching recipients’ inbox. Text emails are faster than HTML emails and may avoid many SPAM issue

Email Marketing Tip #8: Avoid SPAM filtered words in your article to reach your audiences.

Email Marketing Tip #9: Most of the emails should be delivered to your subscribers in the week days to get maximum benefits. However, personal user products like weight loss, health, beauty items, etc. and related emails must be delivered in the holidays to get more attention.
People will love to search these kind of products in the week ends at home, not at office.

Email Marketing Tip #10: Reducing the price is a good technique to attract buyers during economic downtime. Create offer pages and coupons and start sending emails to your opt-in list. This will get more sales than regular sales.

Good luck for your Email Marketing Success !

Hybrid Marketing is The Way to Go

Hybrid Search Engine Optimization is a synthesis of two. Used interactively, pay-per-click and optimization for organic search bring high-quality results. Pay-per-click advertisement is fundamental to early development of search engine optimization strategy. Results of search engine optimization efforts inspire and help generate new marketing ideas. Follow these simple recommendations to achieve superior results in your Search Engine Marketing.

Pay-Per-Click for Search Engine Optimization

Paid advertisement engines such as Google AdWords provide many sophisticated tools to track visitors’ behavior, create reports, test content and optimize your marketing messages Use these tools extensively for both optimizing your paid campaigns and narrowing your focus in search engine optimization efforts..

* Synchronize your keywords for pay-to-play and SEO take over. Any paid advertisement campaign starts with a list of broad-matched keyword phrases. The goal is to narrow down to a longer but more detailed list of keywords. For pay-per-click, optimized keyword list means higher click-through and lower cost per click rates. Use all reporting functionality of paid advertisement engines. Find out what kind of keywords people use to find you. Pay high attention to what keywords resulted in conversions. Once you have found the keywords that work for pay-per-click, apply these in your search engine optimization efforts.
* Synchronize your call to action. Create many text advertisements for your paid ads. Find the ones that produce high click-through and conversion rates. Optimize these ads even further. You will be surprised how much wording and punctuation can affect your statistics. When you come down to a few text ads that produce great results, use those in your search engine optimization efforts. Use your ad title as a part of your landing page title. Use your ad description as a part of your page description. Ads that produce high click-through and conversion rates are likely to correlate with the content of your landing page very well. Thus search engines will be excited to read and rank your page well.
* Synchronize your content. Google AdWords provides website optimizer tools to help you increase conversion rates on your website. Test various versions of your page content. See which version produces highest conversion rates. When you achieve perfection in conversion rates, you have also achieved perfect synchronization of your marketing message – title and description – with your content. I bet, search engines will find pages like yours highly valuable. Your page will rank well for the keywords you target.
* Use pay-per-click statistics. Use PPC costs to measure success of your search engine optimization campaign. Use combination of cost, conversion and sales statistics to estimate your organic search marketing potentials. Are you prepared to rank number one for specific keywords? Do you need to address any issues before you get to the #1? On the other hand, is your keyword list too narrow? Will you have enough demand to compensate for your search engine optimization efforts?
* To summarize, link your advertisement to the content on your page. Make one strong message to your visitors. Use the message in your paid advertisement as title and description of your landing page. Title and description tags are displayed in organic search results. Since your marketing message works well for paid traffic, it will work as well for your organic traffic. Search engines will also rank your page higher if title, description and body correlate. One strong marketing message synchronized with content works for both pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization for Pay-Per-Click

Results of your search engine optimization efforts are inspiring. Organic search now brings you clients. It can also bring you ideas. Use web analytics software to catch those. Google has a great product called Google Analytics. We use it extensively to optimize our pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns.

* Farming for keywords. One of my favorite reports in Google Analytics is Keywords. Use it to understand how people search and find you. I promise, people will find you with keywords that you did not expect them to use. Apply these keyword ideas to your pay-per-click campaigns. More targeted keywords equals more qualified traffic.
* Farming for marketing ideas. Use Content reports to analyze behavior of your visitors. See what pages they like, dislike or ignore. Combine Content reports with Keyword reports and see how specific keywords correspond to specific user behavior. Use your analysis for your pay-per-click campaigns. Come up with new marketing messages. Link them to new keyword lists.
* Optimize your website. Again, track your visitors’ behavior. Optimize your pages even further to increase conversion rates for pay-per-click campaigns. Higher conversion rates equals higher return on investment (ROI).

Pay-per-click campaigns can benefit significantly from organic search traffic analysis. Organic search visitors are a great source for keyword and marketing ideas. Increased traffic is also a great inspiration for your further pay-per-click and search engine optimization efforts.
Pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimization on One Page.

And I literally mean on one page – on one page of search results. Do not disregard pay-per-click campaigns once you achieve results in your search engine optimization campaign. Have them both working for you simultaneously and receive the following benefits.

* Be more competitive. Take number one spot in organic search results and be at the top of sponsored search results. In long term, you will be making more sales than your competitors. Unable to compete with you for organic and paid search results, they will keep sliding down.
* Build your brand name. Keep displaying our website in both paid and organic search results. People search multiple times for the same product and service with the same keywords. Their decision making process could range from one hour to a few months. If your website was always there when they searched for your product or service, they will remember your name.
* Get more traffic and conversions. Enjoy additional 6% to 10% traffic originate from paid search results. Your pay-per-click advertisement has worked well for you before. Ranking well in organic search results will not change that. Pay-per-click will still bring you the same amount of traffic. This traffic will also result in the same amount of conversions.

Have your name display two or three times on one page of search results. In long term, this will promote your brand, result in highest possible traffic and demote your competitors.